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FaceTime for Android: Are you looking for facetime Android app and facetime for windows for your smart phones? facetime on android is the best app for video calling till date.The human race is known to be greedy and wanting everything that the other person has. This era is the era of technology. Everything that we see is modernizing. Cashless economy, instant messengers, electronic mails, etc. Within the chaos of all these upcoming and latest applications that platforms have to offer, we have always been fascinated with what Apple Inc. has to offer for us. May it be its iconic iPhone, iPad, Apple Music, etc. But, not all of us have iPhones; either we do not prefer, or we do not have a planned budget to spend for a smartphone. follow these steps and download facetime for android latest version. also check latest version of facetime for windows from here.

FaceTime For Android Download Latest Version Facetime for windows:

There have been various applications that are exclusively developed for the Apple operating system. One such application is Facetime. FaceTime Android offers video calling to the users which is easy to use and is now becoming a necessity as more people are migrating away from their families in search of better opportunities. FaceTime Android is available only on the Apple operating system that is IOS. We always want the things that others have. So, the application that is meant only for the Apple OS is required by the Android users also. So, how to get FaceTime for Android?

 Facetime for Windows

Facetime for Windows

What is FaceTime For Android And How To Use It?

FaceTime Android is a video calling application developed by Apple Inc. for its users. It requires a proper internet connection to enjoy all the features that are provided. It is free to download and has no in-app purchases required. Well, this is for the legit Apple OS users. Now, what do the users do to get FaceTime for Android? There are various options available to get FaceTime for Android. You can download a file with an extension of .apk on your Android device and install it to run FaceTime on Android. Another alternative is, you can search for different applications that are developed for Android as an alternative to FaceTime. They offer the same or more features than FaceTime too.

If you are a die-hard Google fan, you can go to Play store and look for applications such as Skype and Duo which will offer you the same experience as of the FaceTime on android.

FaceTime for Android

  FaceTime for Android


FaceTime on Android APK Download:

APK files are the files that are developed for the Android OS platform. The applications that are available on the Play store officially are also APK files. So, if you want to download FaceTime for Android, you must follow these steps.

Search for “FaceTime Android” on your search engine. Prefer searching for APK file of FaceTime on the search engine. It will give you a list of all the websites that are offering FaceTime on android APK. You must click and research on all of them before downloading. It is because, many times, fraudsters put fake links to download malware into your device and sometimes even steal your personal information. Once you have found the right website which you feel is trustworthy, read the features of the APK.

It is important to read the features on a website as it might be trustworthy but it offers only a beta version of the application. That means you may not get all the features of FaceTime if you download that file. Always compare the features with the original software by going to the App Store link on your device. Once you have tallied the features, you can click on the download button and let the file download.

Download FaceTime for Android – APK:

Once the file is download, it is important to scan it with an anti-virus that you might have installed on your device. This is because some files can be corrupted or programmed to hack your device. Android does not encourage data being downloaded from the external and unknown source. It prevents you from claiming if anything goes wrong after installation.


FaceTime for Android –

 FaceTime for Android

After you have downloaded playstore android and scanned the file for viruses, it is the time to install the application. For this, you will have to go to settings, click on the security option and search for “Unknown Sources.” It is the option that Android provides if you want to install applications from external sources. You will have to turn the option on for the device to trust and install the applications from external source.

Once you turn it on, you may go back to the browser to install the APK file on your device. After the APK installs, FaceTime on android is ready to be used.


These steps guarantee that you can download and use FaceTime for Android without any hassle and even without changing your device to an Apple-operated one. if you have any doubt regarding facetime android download and Facetime for Windows do comment below. we will clarify your doubts. have a nice day.


Facetime For PC & Windows Download Latest Version For Free

Facetime for PC: is one of the most famous apple products which enable users to video chat with their friends and family members. The Facetime application in Apple’s Mac laptops and iOS is very popular and every iPhone user uses this fantastic video calling application. Similar to every other application, many users want to use Facetime on their laptops or desktops. The process of using the Facetime for PC is mentioned below.

Facetime For PC & Windows Download Latest Version:

We need to be clear that this method of installing Facetime for PC  is not the official way to obtain Facetime on Windows machines. Facetime is an apple exclusive application but there are many ways to download and install Facetime for PC  externally. This way installation is completely free of charge thus enabling even the non-Apple users to use the video chat facility through Facetime.

Face Time For Pc

                               Face Time For Pc

Facetime for Windows (7, 8.1 & 10) & MAC:

The prerequisites that windows machines need to install the Facetime for Windows PC is as mentioned below.

  • High audio quality which will be better than the quality of the audio in mobile phones
  • The desktops or laptops must have a webcam inbuilt so that it lets the users use the video call feature.
  • Speakers of very good quality for transmitting our voice to the user on the other side of the video call
  • A microphone for receiving the voice of the person with whom the user will be chatting in Facetime
  • A stable and fast internet connection equipped system
  • Windows laptop/PC should satisfy the minimum requirements of having Windows 7/8/10, CPU Processor of single core 1GHz and Random Access Memory (RAM) of 2 GB or higher.

                        Facetime For Pc

Downloading Facetime on your Windows PC:

The process of installing Facetime for Windows PC is mentioned in the following steps

First of all, the user has to download one of the most popular android emulators named as Bluestacks

  • After downloading the android emulator Bluestacks, it is installed on the system by running the setup file or the application of Bluestacks
  • After the installation, download the application file (called APK file) of the Facetime and save the APK file in the system memory
  • Run the APK file by clicking on the install button of the file and later the installation will start automatically without any manual intervention and will finish in about 2-3 minutes.

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Usage of Facetime for PC Windows:

After Facetime is installed on windows laptop or desktop, open Facetime by clicking on the icon. Later, the application asks for the sign up using the e-mail id and hence the user should sign up with a valid e-mail id. The total process of starting the video call and ending it is explained in the below paragraphs.

Adding contacts in Facetime:

If the user is already using Facetime on any other Apple device like iPhone, iPad or MacBook, then it will load the already existing contacts from its database. If the user is a new user, then he/she can add new contacts into the Facetime database by typing the valid e-mail ids of his/her friends and family members. Or he/she can just sync contacts across devices which will make them available on the desktop.

Starting a video call in Facetime:

Once the valid contacts are added, the user must select the person in the contacts list with whom he wants to chat, so that the video call can be started after clicking on the e-mail address. There is one more option called “send message” which is used by the user to send the message for free of charge to his friends or family.  In a similar way, the user can also receive the messages from the other person free of charge.

Ending the video call in Facetime:

For ending or disconnecting the video call in Facetime, the user must simply tap the disconnect button on the screen. The disconnect button is not seen during the call and it appears when the user taps on the screen once. The user must click on this button for ending or disconnecting the call.

Features of Facetime PC Windows:

Facetime comes with many features and they are not just restricted to video chatting and messaging. Below are some of the important features that user should know before using the application so that using the application becomes more convenient for new users.

  • Facetime on PC is a multitasking application where the user can navigate away from the application and access other applications on the machine. Here, the user can still see the other person in a small pop-up window at the bottom of the screen
  • The application can run with lightning speed and this helps the Facetime to run seamlessly in the background without any delay.
  • Facetime will not crash or lag and free from other similar problems due to the application design

Download Facetime for PC, windows from here for free. if you have any doubts regarding installing or downloading steps of Facetime for PC, do comment below. we will clarify all your doubts. thanks for reading the article. hope, you liked it.


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